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Club  Fee Structures & Payments
Once a NEW member is approved to join the club, they are required to pay joining fees and dues for the balance of their joining year.  For instance, if a new member joins the club in the month of July, they would pay their 1 time joining fee of $100.00 and then they would only be required to pay dues from August to December. (5 months x $10.00 = $50.00 in dues) 
Junior members would be required to follow the same outlines, but with the junior joining fees and the dues rate for Junior members. These fee structure applies to new members only.
Associate memberships are required to pay a one time joining fee. Associate members are not required to have MAAC insurance and may not fly under any circumstances at the clubs field.
Club dues are due and payable by January 1st of each new year and no later then January 15th.  If a member cannot or chooses not to pay their dues by this date, then the members status will automatically change to a 'Associate' status and as such, all flying privileges are automatically suspended until delinquent dues are paid or a payment structure is put in place. 
It should be understood that late paying members are still obliged to pay for the full year and no reductions in fees are granted.  Should a member be unable to pay their dues due to financial hardship, please contact one of the executives to arrange a payment plan and have your flying privileges re-instated.
Should an existing member no longer wish to pay dues, they can have their account changed to an Associate Member.  This member then has two years to change back to a full membership with no penalty.  This member however, would be required to pay the full year dues regardless of when they choose to become a full member again during the two year grace period. 
Should the member wish to become a full member again after the two year grace period has expired, the member would be required to pay a joining fee as well as their dues. Associate members may not fly at the field until they become a full active member again.  Associate members are not required to have MAAC insurance until changing back to a full membership.

All joining fees and dues are not refundable.

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