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Joining Our Club

The criteria to join our club is quite simple and is not dictated by age, sex, monetary income or social status, but rather by skill.  By skill,  we mean your ability to learn and comprehend what you have been shown and told, and how you apply these instructions in the real world of flying radio controlled models

All members are required to  be supervised while flying until they can satisfactorily prove to a club instructor that they have the ability to fly solo and to pass the MAAC "A Wings" test.  We do not encourage anyone under the age of 10 to join, unless they have exceptional ability. ( Age criteria as of Jan 1 in the year you join )

Anyone wishing to join our club, may make their joining fee payment to one of our excecutive members and you can contact us them via email or drop in at our flying field and seek guidance from members on site.  All new members other then Associate Members are required to obtain MAAC Insurance prior to flying at our site.  MAAC insurance may be free for the first year for junior members.

 Please ensure you read the Club Fees Structure & Payments.

Memberships  Available


Flying Adult Membership Joining Fee - $100.00 (one time fee) - $120.00 dues per annum - MAAC required

Non Flying Adult Associate Membership: $100.00 (one time fee) - $00.00 per annum - MAAC not required

Flying Junior Membership $10.00 (one time fee) (18 & Under) $25.00 dues per annum - MAAC required

Non Flying
Junior Associate Membership $10.00 (one time fee) (7 to 12 years) $00.00 per annum  - MAAC not required


Flying Junior Memberships change to adult memberships in the year the junior turns 19.

Associate members, including Junior Associates May not fly at any time and do not require a M.A.A.C  Membership

Should an associate choose to start flying, they will be required to obtain a MAAC Membership and pay club member dues.

Out of area or long distance Associate members that have MAAC and a 'C' rating are not required to pay dues and may fly at special events or short term visits at no charge for dues. In the case of Special events however, Associate members may be required to pay a entry fee to participate.


Please Read Club Fees Structure & Payments


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