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Chilliwack Electric Fliers Payment Page

Our joining fees and annual dues may be a little higher then other clubs charge around the province, but very few, if any, can provide both land and water flying at one great location.

 We feel the small difference in annual costs are more then worth it. 

Come Fly with us, and take advantage of the extensive knowledge you can access from experienced pilots.

You can pay for annual dues or joining fees with either PayPal or by Credit Card

Paying by PayPal or credit Card is via secure servers keeping your transaction safe.


CEF Payment Store

NOTE: Please Do not pay for a membership until your membership has been accepted


If you would rather pay by cash or cheque,  you can inquire at the field or contact
us by email or snail mail us a the addresses below.

C.E.F.  c/o 46032 Second Avenue, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, V2P 1S5
C.E.F.  c/o 8733 Bellevue Drive, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, V2P 3W6


Club Joining Information Details
( These fees are non refundable )

Flying Adult Membership Joining Fee - $100.00 (one time fee) - $120.00 dues per annum - MAAC Requirecd

Non Flying Adult Associate Membership: $100.00 (one time fee) - $00.00 per annum -MAAC not required

Flying Junior Membership $10.00 (one time fee) (18 & Under) $25.00 dues per annum -Requirecd

Non Flying Junior Associate Membership $10.00 (one time fee) (7 to 12 years) $00.00 per annum  -MAAC not required


Flying Junior Memberships change to adult membership in the year the junior turns 19.

Associate members, including Junior Associates Cannot fly Unsupervised at any time and do not require a M.A.A.C  Membership

Should an associate choose to start flying on a regular basis, they will be required to obtain a MAAC Membership and pay club membership dues.

Out of area or long distance Associate members, or members from other clubs that have MAAC and at least a 'C' rating are not required to pay dues and may fly at special events or short term visits which we encourage and at no charge for dues.

In the case of Special Events however, Associate Members or members from other clubs may be required to pay a small entry fee to participate.

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