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Early on, it was decided that the club would be 100% electric for multiple reasons, but mainly to keep the issue of noise pollution to a minimum in a ecologically sensitive area because of the nesting birds of prey and other animal life contained in and around the immediate area.

Members are comprised of all ages and all levels of flying proficiency from beginner to awesome.  Most of our members fly a multitude of airplane designs from gliders to high performance aerobatic models.  Many members prefer to fly on the site lake well others enjoy our landing strip.  Many of our members like to do both.  We are very lucky to be one of the few sites in Canada that have both land and lake flying at the same location.  Many of the aircraft flown at our site are scale or semi-scale in design.  We encourage members to flex their creativity in their designs.

The lake at our site is beautiful, pristine and is approximately 2 million square feet of flying fun and with no impediments.

Our land based runway was recently updated from 60 ft x 223 ft to a runway that is 60 ft x 425 ft to accommodate models that require a longer strip to land on.  This length of runway will be capable to handle all but the largest of models.  The original strip was comprised of dirt and fine gravel and seeded grass.  Our new strip was covered with turf and made a nice finished product.

We would like to thank all of our flying friends & buddies, fellow club members and Corporate Sponsors for their generous donations to make this all possible......A big shout out to Rich & Jason !



Looking West


Looking East


Looking East


Looking East

As noted on the images above, our site also boasts a open air structure known as the 'Pavilion' to provide pilots a place to get out of the sun or the odd rain shower that we tend to get in B.C. once in a while.

So if our club and flying site looks like it would appeal to you, please contact us for a viewing of our site.  Great people, Great Location !

Usually members are at the site on the weekends and many evenings, and access is not a issue during those times.  You can print a map to our location here You can contact a executive member here.

Well you are visiting our site, please take the time go have a look at some of the videos of our first event in May 2015.  You can also check out the excellent photos of our first meet  'Ivan Pettigrew Float & Fly'  taken by Beverly Hudson of Team Tracon...master photographer here.

If you would like to jump right to joining us, please do and you can do this by clicking here.

Thank you for your consideration and please, come fly with us.


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